Syracuse lacrosse eye shield
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Hot Pot Of Lax: Football Style Eye Shields On The Lacrosse Field

Have you signed up for the LacrosseRoads of America March Madness Challenge yet?  NO?!?!?!?!  Well, what’s your excuse?  I was on vacation until late last night and it was the first thing I did when I got back (maybe that explains some of my picks).  And I didn’t sign up because I love basketball.  It’s because I just love big tournaments and making ridiculous picks, and then seeing how wrong I could be.  After all, basketball was invented by James Naismith as a winter training tool for his lacrosse players.  Yes, you heard that last part right.  Basketball was invented so laxers had something to do in the offseason.

Another interesting trend coming from one sport and going to another is the use of football style eye shields on lacrosse helmets.  We’ve seen Casey Powell, and a number of others, do it for Summer tourneys, club teams, etc but I’ve yet to see it in a college game.  Until now.  Maybe I just missed it because I was on vacation, but when I was watching the Cuse-Gtown game on DVR I noticed at least one of the Cuse players was wearing a tinted eye shield.

Jovan Miller scores his first goal, comes off the field and goes back to the head of the line where he is fist bumped by a teammate.  A teammate in a visor.  No, I thought, this can’t be.  But it was.  Then I went over to to see if I could find photographic evidence and BAM!  There it was.  Another kid in a visor.  Neither of these guys see much field time as far as I can tell, but if they’re wearing them, they must be legal.  Right?  Interesting… I had no idea!  I’m curious if it’s a medical thing, or if they are just legal for everyone.  Some investigation must be done!

Syracuse lacrosse eye shield
Second player from the left. Tinted eye shield. Fact.


Anyway, back to my brackets.  They are bizarre.  Almost no upsets early on (9s over 8s and 10s over 7s are hardly upsets) and then I get pretty whacky.  I’ve got an all NY-State Final.  Cuse vs St. John’s.  Call me crazy… you’ll probably be right!

NCAA bracket basketball

NCAA bracket basketball
St. John's can totally do this, right? Yeah. Erin Sharoni thinks so.

Don’t know who Erin Sharoni is?  Well, she loves St. John’s basketball, covers them for SNY and probably has them winning one more game than I do.  Also, she went to Wesleyan and Wesleyan is awesome.


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