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Easton Lacrosse Adams State college sponsor uniform

Hot Pot Of Lax: Has Easton Found A Lax Team To Sponsor?

Easton makes lacrosse equipment now. Gloves, pads, sticks, heads and helmets. So who is Easton going to sponsor this spring in the college lax ranks? We have a front runner and it’s not who you might think.

Come on over, this week’s Hot Pot is CURIOUS!

When we heard the news that Easton was entering the lacrosse game, and that they were going to be making helmets in their first full year of equipment production, I instantly thought to myself, which college team are they going to sponsor?!?!?!?!

With the big backing power of Easton-Bell Sports, it seems logical that Easton Lacrosse would be able to snag a big time lacrosse program, but so far we haven’t heard of any big-time D1 NCAA lax teams signing up for the Easton treatement.  Maryland dropped STX and went with Under Armour, which made a lot of sense since one of the UA guy is a UMD football grads..  Hofstra also dropped STX, but they went with Warrior, which also made sense because Hofstra’s coach has the last name of Tierney.

So who is Easton going to use to show off their products to the college lax world?

From the photos of last weekend’s scrimmages out West, the possible answer may just surprise you!  It looks like Easton might be working with Adams State, a relatively new NCAA D2 school out in Colorado.

Easton Lacrosse Adams State college sponsor uniform
Easton on the back and the bum.

Adams State had no Easton padding or gloves on and they were not wearing the new Stealth helmets either.  BUT, they did have Easton lacrosse practice reversibles, and almost all of their players were wearing helmets from last year, or their own helmets.  The same can be said of their gloves.  And since Easton isn’t releasing their gear to retailers until 11.11.11, it seems possible that Adams State just hasn’t received their 2012 gear yet!

Maryland switched to Under Armour this year, and some of the UMd players have been wearing the UA gloves, while many more have already started wearing the UA arm pads.  You don’t see many UA heads being used on the team right now, and most guys are sticking with their STX heads, but that is nothing new.  Virginia is a Gait team, yet most of their best offensive players seem to use Warrior heads.  So if all of these established teams with established sponsors run into these issues, it would make sense that Easton would be dealing with a similar situation.

Adams State hasn’t made any mention of a deal on their website, and neither has Easton Lacrosse, but the latter has been pretty tight-lipped when it comes to announcements not made on IL, so who knows what they’re thinking!  We have heard that the Thailand Lacrosse Association is interested in wearing Easton Stealth Helmets, so that’s a good start, but we can’t help but be extremely curious to see who they pick up in the college game.

Right now, Adams State has to be looked at as a front runner to be Easton’s first college sponsored team.  To see Adams State in action, check out Dallas Brown’s video below from their scrimmage against 2011 MCLA D1 Champ BYU.  It’s our Lacrosse Video Of The Week!



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Adams State (NCAA D2) scrimmages BYU (2011 MCLA D1 Champ).  Big thanks to Dallas Brown for taking the video, putting it up, sharing it with us and for doing such a great job!  He also wrote a great recap blog!

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