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college lacrosse 2013 rule changes
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Hot Pot Of Lax: How Do YOU Feel About The Rule Changes?

The internet has been awash with commentary on the proposed rules for 2013, and much of it has come from industry experts and emotionally invested members of the lacrosse community. The fear for us here is that the LOUD VOICES will drown out the general consensus (much like we see in American politics), so before we go too far, we want to hear what YOU have to say!

First we’ll offer you a pretty simple poll on the new rules proposal and then, in the comments section, we’re offering up the chance to make your thoughts heard, and the BEST, most intelligently crafted comment dropper will be rewarded with their choice of a Clubber Tee, Olympic Collection Tee, or a Dye Master Tank Top!

So answer the poll question, and then think about your answer… if this post gets some truly great responses, we’ll be sure to share it with John Hind, the Chair of the NCAA Men’s Lacrosse Rules Committee!

The 2013 Proposed Rules Poll:

Ok, now that you’ve logged your vote, make sure to drop an insightful comment to be entered to win some sweet, sweet swag from The Lacrosse Shop!



We’ll keep the focus on the proposed changes from the Rules Committee here and link to our 2013 Rule Change stories, as well as others’ stories on the potential changes.

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