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Ryan Powell nike hat syracuse cerial

Hot Pot Of Lax: Just Powelling Around

Syracuse Nike Lacrosse gloves, Rhino joins the Boston Blazers, plus plenty of other lax links to check out while you’re drinking your morning cup of joe.

This has to be my new favorite “lax lifestyle” shot of all time. Nike Air hat, flat screen in the back.

Ryan Powell nike hat syracuse cerial

Credit goes to 412 Lax for the find (via The photo was used in a post about the new Nike Lacrosse Vapor Elite gloves for Syracuse, which according to 412 are – in one single positive word – absurd.

See for yourself:

Nike Lacrosse Syracuse Gloves 2011


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For a look at the other pair, you know where to head.

And speaking of Ryan Powell, let’s all give him a warm round of applause and welcome him back to the National Lacrosse League. Great to hear, and it will surely be fun to watch him play alongside his brother Casey. Rhino is a Blazer!



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