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Hot Pot Of Lax: Lacrosse Bobblehead

When it comes to ridiculous sports paraphernalia, we here at the Hot Pot believe nothing comes close to a bobble head. Sure, giant foam fingers and cheese heads are great, but at the end of the day those bobbling headed figurines are the top dog.

Thanks to my friend, Julie Farmer, I got my hands on a Cody Jamieson bobble head doll last year, and for that gift I will be eternally grateful. It sits on my shelf and nods away whenever I pick up a new book.


I’m always curious to see who will be the next guy to get the bobble head treatment, and if Rochester decides to pull it off again, I can’t think of a better candidate than Casey Powell, who just signed with the Knighthawks.

Outside of Rochester, I’d love to see the LXM PRO get a bobble head or two going, and who would be better for them to use but Kyle Harrison and Mike Powell? I also tend to think Malcolm Chase could be a good bobble head, but we all know defensemen get no love!

If you had to pick a pro lacrosse player to get the bobble head treatment, who would it be?



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Wimmer Solutions put together a SERIOUSLY talented group of players from Hawai’i 2012. Check out the handshake line after a game and see how many pros and legends you can name… we recognized 13 of the guys on the first try. Can you do better?

Rabil, Gait, Seibald, Pannell… the list just goes on and on!