Blind Justice Lacrosse
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Hot Pot Of Lax: Lacrosse Industry Rumors

It’s August.  The news comes out slowly, and sometimes not at all.  But don’t fear, this week’s Hot Pot is definitely a fun Guessing Game!  It’s blind item time!

So you may be asking yourself, what’s a blind item?  Simple.  It’s a well known industry rumor or fact that has not been publicized for one reason or another.  Maybe the subject in question is waiting to release the news at a different time of year, maybe they are just trying to hide what happened, and maybe there is something more to the story!

Blind Justice Lacrosse
Blind Items are like Blind Justice, right?

That’s why Blind Items are fun… even when you know, you don’t always know.  So here you go, a couple blind items (one of them is HUGE news actually!) to mull over and contemplate.  Can you figure out who we’re talking about even though we aren’t saying who we’re talking about?  Can you read between the lines?  Do you know the industry scoop?  Enjoy!  And compare answers in the comments.  If you dare…

– A certain D1 team is without a coach right now, and the players on the team actually seem to be embracing that fact.  Ok, they got a new coach.  How will things change?

– This modern lacrosse player has left one company to go represent another company.  He is already using their sticks at promo events.  This news will be huge when it drops.  It’s almost TOO quiet on this one, which is a little shocking.  No, it’s REALLY shocking actually.  The fact that no one is talking about it?  Even more shocking.

– One buys a Scandium/Titanium alloy.  One would then expect that it will be made up of… Scandium and Titanium.  And then you find out that even Russian airplanes only use about .1% scandium in their aerospace alloys.  And then you find out one of the major brands doesn’t put any Scandium in their stick at all.  It’s not that weird, but why lie?

Well, there you have it.  3 Blind Items guaranteed to make your Wednesday thought provoking and full of conversation.  Unless you already know the answers.  But if you’re THAT plugged in, you should really be sending your Blind Items to us.  Come on, do your part!  Blind Items can be sent to with “Blind Items” in the subject line.



– 412 has been in London.  And Copenhagen.  They won the Copenhagen Cup and Europe was awesome! | 412 Lax

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– Lax in Israel is now a concrete reality.  Well, that was fast! | Jerusalem Post

– Lacrosse in St. Louis is booming.  And this is only a recent change.  Great to see! | Eureka-Wildwood Patch

– Ohio Machine pick a spot in Ohio to call home.  Time to get settled in to the Community. |



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