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Mustaches vs Cancer connor wilson
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Hot Pot Of Lax: Mustaches Vs Cancer

Another Wednesday, another awesome Hot Pot.  And this HP is all about how YOU can grow a Mustache AND help fight against cancer.

At the beginning of November, you start to see more and more men with a little additional fuzz on their upper lips.  Guys at the office I used to work in would wait for 11 long months for this charity-based month-long excuse to grow a ‘stache, known as Movenmber, and do some good while they were at it.  But why start growing a mustache in November, when you can start growing a mustache in OCTOBER!  As Spinal Tap says, “it’s one more“.

Mustaches Vs. Cancer has a great website, and a great mission.  Their slogan is “Kids can’t grow mustaches, and they shouldn’t have cancer either“.  People who are involved take daily or weekly photos of their ‘staches, and then their friends (and even random people) donate money because of these sweet hairy lips.  The money raised by Mustaches vs. Cancer goes directly to Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York City.

So instead of just preaching to the choir, I decided to get on board this year.  I created a profile, didn’t shave my face for a whole day, took a photo, and uploaded it to the Mustaches Vs. Cancer website.  I even got a wooden lax stick in there!  Now I’m rolling.  The question is, who will join me?  Doing good and looking like a hipster… it doesn’t get any better than that.

Mustaches vs Cancer connor wilson
Not sure why I made a Snooki face.



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