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Hot Pot Of Lax: Penalty Or Ejection?

This week’s Hot Pot asks if a big hit should have been an ejection via The Lacrosse Network, plus all the links and news to big stories. And someone is challenging Paul Rabil to a backyard wrestling match on youtube. It’s bizarre.

I love lacrosse because it’s fast and physical, and because the sport requires skill and toughness.  I also recognize that there are rules out there designed to protect players, and keep the games from getting out of hand.

When I saw the hit below last weekend in the UVA – Hopkins game, I definitely thought that the UVA player would get assessed at least two unreleasable minutes.  Instead it was a one-minute unreleasable penalty.  The Lacrosse Network captured the hit and it’s gotten over 6,000 views on Youtube.  Let’s dig in!

Arguing over whether or not something should be 1 or 2 minutes, or 2 or 3 minutes is kind of pointless because that is really within the ref’s discretion.  We won’t bandy about in that manner.  But we will ask, “should this have been a Penalty… or an Ejection?” because we want to see what our readers have to say on the matter!

Here are some quick observations:


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-The hit was head to head and the Hop player lost his helmet.

-The Hopkins player had lost the ball when he was hit but was still within 5 yards of it.

-The UVA player seems to leave his feet, and hits the JHU player with an upward motion.

-The UVA player also approaches the hit ready to crosscheck the Hopkins player.

Watch the hit above and drop us a quick note in the comments with your thoughts!  Is this a run of the mill penalty?  Is this an ejection?  Or should offensive players just pay better attention?



– St. Paul’s loses to Hereford in early MD high school lacrosse action | Baltimore Sun

– Ann Elliott to be the first women’s lacrosse coach at Colorado | Colorado Daily

– Bullis Girls Lacrosse players now FORCED to wear helmets | Gazette.Net



I am pretty sure that Paul Rabil has NOT signed up for any backyard wrestling events.  But the guy below doesn’t seem quite so sure.  He calls Rabil a fraud and a phony, and says that PR99 grew up with a silver spoon in his mouth… but I really think it’s all in an attempt to get Rabil to wrestle him.  Seriously.  WWE has nothing on this guy!

This is easily the best lacrosse-related video I’ve ever found on Youtube. You are SO welcome!

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