Peet Poillon UMBC Lacrosse Lax
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Hot Pot Of Lax: Pumpkin Pie Inspiration

I bought a Pumpkin Pie today.  It was delicious.  Trust me, you needed to hear that.  That’s how good it was.  Peet Poillon signed with Maverik Lacrosse.  Maybe that trumps my pie in terms of big news, but to be fair, it was good pie.

Peet Poillon UMBC Lacrosse Lax
Back at UMBC...

Poillon is a very interesting selection as a player rep.  He’s known for his flashy dangle and low shots as well as a toughness and flair that kids love.  He’s not from a hot bed of lacrosse but that hardly matters anymore.  A couple of good seasons and you’re as famous as that guy that went to Virginia, yeah, him.  If Poillon keeps evolving and improving, he could be a US National team guy in 2014 so this is a great pick up for Mav.  We won’t bore you with the Press Release you’ll see in a million other places.  Original thought only.

Poillon has not done well every where he has been… he has thrived.  He dominated in High School and was an all-american of some sort at 3 different colleges all 4 years.  He worked his way up each time.  No reason to believe he won’t find the will to succeed in the MLL, and if he chose it, the NLL.  The latter might take a year.  maybe two?  I can say that after only watching him play a couple of times.  That’s the impact he has.  And then you see his credentials and you better believe.

In other News, Jac Coyne released his MCLA DI, DII and NCAA D3 Preseason teams.  This is always fun.  If you’re going to comment on anything, please comment on this, the most foolish and meaningless of topics.  Hooray!

That’s it for today.  Quality.  Not quantity.