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Hot Pot Of Lax: Put It In The Cooker

Welcome to the Hot Pot. The Cheese was tasty, but the provolone got moldy and it was time for another trip to the grocery store. Turns out I was really hungry when I went and the next thing I knew I had a whole smorgasbord of options in the cart. Got home and threw them all into a big pot. Cooked it all nice and slow for a few hours. Added some spices and served it to the family.




“At one point in time the Midwest was kind of a laughing stock in the lacrosse community, but now it’s a force to be reckoned with.”

New Wave Lacrosse is heating up the Midwest. Thanks to Spencer Curley for the link.

[fvplayer src=”″ splash=”” caption=”New Wave Lax”]_______________________________________________________________________________________


– NLL Lacrosse 2010 was named the Best Indie Game of the year by Congrats to Carlo Sunseri!

– Lacrosse Unlimited started a blog called LaxUNation, and it’s snowing there!

– The Thailand Lacrosse Association recommends us, and that is seriously awesome. We can’t wait to go to Thailand next summer.

– Speaking of the Thailand lax, our good friend Payu (Director of the TLA) hit me with these Maverik Empire mockups for the Oregon Ducks yesterday. In the spirit of the Ducks going to the national championship…

Maverik Empire Oregon Ducks Lacrosse Gloves

– Speaking of Maverik Lacrosse, we wish we had our Rocket Pops by now! This week, hopefully.

– Don’t miss Lacrosse Magazine’s Images of the Year.

– Notre Dame men’s lax up to good.

– BYU announced their spring lacrosse schedule over the weekend. First up: Boise State.

– Knighthawks Legend Regy Thorpe Retires | WHAM

– Concept Nike Lacrosse cleat designs from a French artist. Pretty awesome.

– Oregon is a Nike school. If Nike Lacrosse were smart, they’d be all over the Ducks men’s lacrosse team this year. More on this later this week.