Hot Pot Of Lax: Reebok 10K Watermelon Challenge

Reebok Lacrosse Watermelon Challenge

Reebok Lacrosse released a new promo: The 10K Watermelon Challenge. An interesting concept which I’m still trying to get my head around, but entertaining nonetheless. Check out the videos below.

Who makes the better scientist, Brodie Merrill or Zack Greer?


CONTEST WINNER – Help CVLC Pick A New Uniform

We got a TON of great comments, lots of likes and some spirited discussion on the recent CVLC Uniform Post.  The winner gets a pair of CVLC White Game shorts courtesy of the Connecticut Valley Lacrosse Club.  And the winner is…

When he won I was so... startled.

Email us at [email protected] to claim your prize, the real pat riley!

An honorable mention goes out to Betnovate for this gem:

SO close! Next time? next time.



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