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Hot Pot Of Lax: STX Prototype Shaft

The Hot Pot has noticed something. UNC players are using a different STX shaft. It’s called the Prototype? That has to be a Prototype. Plus we’ve got the Lacrosse Video of the Week and ALL the links worth reading!

Beware, today’s Hot Pot of Lax is Inquisitive?

This week’s Hot Pot victim: The STX Prototype Shaft

So far, we’ve noticed that two different UNC players have been using STX shafts with word Protoype on them.  It’s clearly a new shaft as they don’t have a Prototype shaft out right now.  And we do NOT think the name of the shaft will be the Prototype either.  We’re pretty sure of that!  Actually, we’re positive of that.  No doubt whatsoever.  So we think this is an actualy prototype shaft.  It’s something new!

It looks like UNC and OSU players have been using (and testing out) the shaft this season and it’s gone over well enough that they want more of them.  Not a bad idea!  If something works, run with it!  We’re excited to see what the graphics and name end up being, but we’re even more excited about trying it out!

STX Prototype shaft
Can you read Prototype?

I have an STX Scandium D pole and it is a great shaft.  If this handle is anything like that in the quality department, I’ll be extremely interested.  Their scandium is light and strong, so I’d imagine an offensive short handle will be equally awesome.  Rumor has it that the name is going to be something different from STX… any guesses?

STX Prototype shaft
How about now?

Also, what do you guys think about college players using equipment before the general public does?  Is this a good move by manufacturers to test out their gear?  Or do D1 college athletes look at sports so differently from the rest of us, that their opinion isn’t relevant?  If I owned a lacrosse company, I’d want the best guys out there testing my stuff.  It makes sense to me!  But would you want to be testing out a company’s new gear during your actual season?  My answer is still yes, but I could see some saying no!

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Johns Hopkins vs. UMD… Zach Palmer’s BTB. Enough said.

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