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Hot Pot Of Lax: The NLL’s “Bench Clearing Lacrosse Brawl”

The Toronto Rock / Buffalo Bandits pre-season fight gets more and more attention – is this good exposure for our sport? Plus plenty of lax links to check out while you’re drinking your morning coffee.

195,000 views and counting…

This Toronto Rock / Buffalo Bandits pre-season fight is getting more and more attention:

– Lacrosse Game Promptly Turns Into All-Out Fight | FanHouse
– Toronto Rock, Buffalo Bandits Brawl During Lacrosse Pre-Season Game | Huffington Post

There’s quite the discussion going on the big YouTube as well. Most comments aren’t worth sharing, but if you’re looking to be entertained, you know where to head.

Is this extra ‘exposure’ GOOD or BAD for our sport?


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Drop your take in the comments section below.



– 412’s Winter Fashion Week is off to a great start:

Top 50 Team Items from 2010: #41-50 | 412 Lax

Lacrosse Unlimited Dye Jobs | 412 Lax

Lacrosse Unlimited Shooters | 412 Lax

Brooks Brothers | 412 Lax

Lacrosse Unlimited and Warrior Come Out to Play | 412 Lax

Lacrosse Unlimited Shorts | 412 Lax

– Tassel Me This, Tassel Me That | Sweet Sweet Lax

– Rumor has it… | Sweet Sweet Lax

– 2010 Thailand Lacrosse Candid Photos | Thailand Lacrosse

– Thailand Lacrosse 2011 Season Preview | Thailand Lacrosse

– Crowley Envisions Final Four for Stony Brook | Lacrosse Magazine

Yesterday’s Poll Results are in, and it looks as if string instruments take the cake (guitar, bass, violin, cello, fiddle!). However, a significant number of you play brass as well. Probably not the best tally given we just got 12 comments, but many thanks to those who did participate! Fun to discover that we’ve got such an eclectic group of laxers coming to the site every day.

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