trinity skidmore lacrosse
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Hot Pot Of Lax: The Weirdest Lacrosse Goal Ever

I have seen a lot of strange or unlikely goals in my days as a lacrosse player and coach, but I recently saw one of the weirdest goals EVER, and I even have the video link to prove it.  My high school goalie (Andy Starr – Tufts) used to score regularly and I played with a guy in college named Joe-Dan Okun, who scored eccentric goals almost every time he stepped on the field.  But those are both individual accomplishments, and only slightly bizarre.

But in today’s Hot Pot, we have something special: A college lacrosse goal via ABSOLUTE CONFUSION!!!!!!

Last week Trinity played Skidmore.  Skidmore was down 1 and had the ball in Trinity’s defensive end.  There was a little action, then some confusion, then a restart, more confusion, and a goal scored on an empty net by an opportunistic Skidmore player.

trinity skidmore lacrosse
Now do you see?

The Trinity fans, coaches, and players were IRATE that the goal counted, but of course, not everyone was convinced that the goal should be disallowed.  The Laxpower NESCAC Forum page exploded with comments, and being an internet know-it-all, I (Wheniwasakid…) simply had to make my feelings known.  When longtime commenter Minkhoo agreed with me, I knew I was on to something.

To see the play go to Trinity’s website, and move the video forward to the 1:33:00 mark.

It’s well worth a watch, and I’m sure all of you readers will have something to say about it!  Was that crazy or what?

Should it have been a goal?  Did the refs handle the restart correctly?  Should the Trinity keeper have just stayed in his cage?  WAS THIS GOAL LEGIT?



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I think the fan’s reactions pretty much say it all.

Was it late?  Not really.  Was it high?  Debatable.  But just look at the running start the defensive player gets on this hit.  He is literally sprinting from 15 yards away, which is illegal.  So the flag was definitely deserved.

I love lacrosse because it is a physical game.  Even in the men’s leagues I play in, people still get laid out, sometimes from behind.  It’s a part of the game.  But as you teach your kids to play the game, or as you yourself play the game (as a kid or adult), try to keep the rules in mind and play with honor.  If we don’t, lacrosse could soon become like the NFL, where hitting has been pared back considerably.  Since the players wouldn’t hold themselves back, the league had to step in.

We don’t want to see that happen in lacrosse, do we?