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Hot Pot Of Lax: Wine Corks Make Great End Caps

Reader Paul Jones submitted this nifty tip the other day, and I thought you all might find it useful.

What’s up guys…I just confirmed with high school and college lax officials in Mass, that what I have been doing for over a year is legal and accepted.  The trend on Mass high school lax teams was to put a bottle cap (beer obviously) over the end of the lax shaft and then tape it on.  Officials caught on to this quickly, and deemed it illegal, much like an uncovered, open end on a shaft.  I have found a way to solve the problem and not add any weight or obstruction to the end of the stick.

It involves a cork from a bottle of wine and tape.  I put 1-3 loops of tape around the middle of the cork.  I push the narrow end of the cork into the shaft, and then push it until it is basically flush with the bottom of the shaft.  End is filled, almost no weight added, and nothing to obstruct with how you want to tape the end of the shaft!!

Problem solved. Period

Now the next thing we need is a goalie to show up to a game wearing this ensemble:

.wine cork shirt_______________________________________________________________________________________


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