2016 lacrosse mesh review
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Hot Pot: Pick Up Your Lacrosse Stick… TODAY!

I am challenging YOU to pick up your lacrosse stick today. Can you live up the challenge? It’s really not that hard, so you should be answering YES, emphatically so. Now what you do with it? That’s the tricky part. Here are a couple different levels of the “pick up your lacrosse stick” Challenge!

Pick Up Your Lacrosse Stick – Level 1

All you have to do is pick up your stick, hold it in your hands, and you’re done. Too simple? Yeah, I agree. Let’s move on to Level 2 immediately.

Pick Up Your Lacrosse Stick – Level 2

The second level is also easy. Pick up your stick, put a ball in it, and go use your lacrosse stick to practice or have fun. Play some wall ball, find a teammate to play catch with, or go shoot 1000 reps on cage. Again, this is fun and easy, so make it happen. And maybe challenge yourself a little further…

Pick Up Your Lacrosse Stick – Level 3

This next one is a little weird, because it’s less about practice, and more about exposure to the game. If you live in a place where lacrosse is relatively new, pick up your stick and take it down to a local park. Show off your skills, and let people see a little lacrosse action up close and personal. If anyone comes up to you and asks to try throwing a little bit, let them!

(Find more great lacrosse videos HERE)

Pick Up Your Lacrosse Stick – Level 4

This one is a little different, because it’s not directly about YOU. But it still involves picking up your lacrosse stick. Now you need to find a NEW set of hands, that don’t belong to you, and put your stick in those hands. That’s right, I want you to actively find a potential lacrosse player, and get them into the game.

So far, this is our hardest challenge. It means talking to someone new, or convincing someone you already know to try the game. It takes persistence, and friendship, and it’s what we need to see happen if Grow The Game is going to continue! It’s more than just lip service, it has to be part of your lifestyle.

Pick Up Your Lacrosse Stick – Level 5

Level 5 is special, because it takes all of the above levels and combines them into ONE massive challenge. Level 5 requires that you pick up your lacrosse stick, and keep it in your hands for 12 HOURS! The only acceptable reasons to put it down are: any and all academic work, going to the bathroom, eating, or letting someone else try lacrosse for the first time. The rest of the time, a ball is in your stick, and the stick is in your hands!

Can you complete any levels of the Pick Up Your Lacrosse Stick Challenge? Let us know how it goes in the comments!