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Hot Pot: Searching For College Lacrosse Traditional

I have started compiling names to be considered for the 2013 College Lacrosse All-Traditional Team, and I have a couple of guys who are already looking like locks to make this illustrious squad. Last year’s College All-Traditional Team was a really solid group of players, and this year is looking no different.

In case you missed last year’s team, or just forgot, here are the criteria for inclusion:

1) The player must use traditional for all, or at least part, of the college season. Scrimmages don’t count.

2) The player must actually play for their team. Ideally, guys will play in at least half of their team’s games, and make an impact, although exceptions can be made.

You have to play, and use traditional… And that’s it. Then you make the team. Or your last name is Stanwick. Then you also make the team.

Bobby Tyler is looking good for 2013!
Bobby Tyler is looking good for 2013! Thanks Ray McCarthy!


Last year, I only found EIGHT guys worth naming, but I think that number will go up this year, and I’m looking for YOUR help. If YOU see a player using a traditional pocket, let us know via the Tipline, and we’ll be sure to put your name up in lights when the All Traditional Team is announced! It’s only fair!

Last year only focused on NCAA D1 players, but this year I’ll open it up to every division of college lacrosse, including NCAA D1, D2, D3, MCLA, NCLL and NJCAA. So if you see a player out there using traditional, snap a photo for us, or find a photo, and send it on over.

The 2013 College Lacrosse All Traditional Team promises to be better than ever!