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Hot Pot: The Next Tucker Durkin

Tucker Durkin’s high school highlight tape quickly became a thing of legend (at least in my mind) because of the sheer ferocity on display. Durkin thinks man first, and makes the opposition pay time and time again. If you haven’t seen it, it’s truly worth a watch or ten. He just knocks over everybody out there.

I’d love to randomly stumble across the NEXT Tucker Durkin video, and I’m always on the lookout… I even thought I had found a decent candidate in Nolan Dorton’s high school hit-a-palooza, but since Dorton didn’t do more than spend a freshman year on Stevenson’s roster in 2012, we may never know if he had what it takes.

His high school video is pretty darn tenacious though:

The lower quality video, and lack of a long post-high school career knock this video down a bit, so it’s not a true follow up, even if it’s pretty close.

If you have a video of a defenseman who just TEARS IT UP, we want to see it! Get in touch with us at, and impress us with your find, or your squirreled away gem!