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How Does Germany Lacrosse Grow The Game?
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How Does Germany Lacrosse Grow The Game?

As the World Indoor Lacrosse Championship 2015 moves even closer, we ask each nation exactly how they Grow The Game on home soil. These interviews reveal how each of the WILC nations work to not only grow the strengths of their national team, but how they are working to grow lacrosse throughout their country.

Now it’s time to take a closer look at Germany lacrosse. We spoke briefly with organizer and coach Simon Krause about the growth of the game from the youth to national level.

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LAS: How would you describe the lacrosse scene and the growth of the game in Germany?

Krause: The growth of lacrosse is Germany steady but not quite overwhelming. Still, the game is mostly picked up by students at university, although there are more and more youth teams appearing across the country.

The German lacrosse scene consists of a strong league structure and a heavy tournament season in the summer.

What are some steps that those of us outside of Germany can take to better understand the culture?

Germany Finish Training on Home Soil, Ready for WILC 2015

I think the best way to really understand the culture is to come over and take a look yourself.

In the summer, there is a tournament to play in almost every weekend in Germany. There are two major box lacrosse tournaments in Germany that are highly recommended!

There are too many field lacrosse tournaments to list!

What steps are being taken to grow the game locally? What are some of the long-term goals for future growth of lacrosse in Germany?

At the moment, a lot of effort is being focused on growing youth program participation around the country.

In addition to the youth, university club lacrosse is still receiving a majority of our attention for development.

Are there any opportunities for foreign volunteers to get involved with the growth of the German game? If so, where can one find more information?

Usually there are some German clubs looking for coaches at various levels. It’s recommended for you to come over to Germany for a year abroad, get involved in a club and take it from there.

Contact information for German lacrosse officers can be found on the DLaxV website!

What steps is Germany taking to elevate the national talent pool?

Marburg Saints Germany Lacrosse

Getting sticks in the hands of young players is key. In addition, there is an effort for developing athletes from other sports into good lacrosse players.

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If your interested in growing the game in Germany, visit the DLaxV website for more information.