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Justin Annunziato long island lacrosse
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How Lacrosse Can Help To Heal: The Story Of Justin

Justin Annunziato has done a great thing with his life.  I’m not talking about his success on the field, which is impressive.  And I’m not talking about the fact that he overcame his addiction to alcohol and drugs, and cleaned up his life, although that is definitely something worth supporting.  What I am talking about is his decision to tell his story publicly, and with so much candor.

The issue of drug and alcohol abuse at NCAA lacrosse programs is a hot issue.  But it’s one we usually hear about via statistics, and it’s easier to shrug off, until you can put a real face with a real story.

Take the time to watch the video below, and please share it with everyone who might benefit from seeing it.  From our point of view, that’s pretty much everyone.

We tip our hat to Justin for turning his life around.  But we are most impressed by his willingness to come forward and share his story.  We sincerely hope that his story will help others better themselves, and that even more good can come from Justin’s life story.

Fantastic job by Filip Van Eylen in making this video.

Justin Annunziato long island lacrosse
Justin in high school.