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How To Pronounce Tewaaraton

At this point, you probably know that Rob Pannell won the Tewaaraton Award for the 2013 season on the men’s side, and that Katie Schwarzmann has won back to back awards on the women’s side.

The event went down in DC last night, and was well attended. But you probably knew all of that too, so how can we help you learn something new today? How about we focus on the proper pronunciation of the word, Tewaaraton?

Tewaaraton : De – wa – ah – lah – doon. Say it with me.

Niá:wen  to Ty Thompson for helping me out with the proper pronunciation!

The Winners

All of the players nominated on the men’s and women’s sides were extremely deserving, and at the beginning of this season, there was no way to predict who would come away with the hardware. Pannell was certainly a favorite heading in, as was Schwarzmann (she has won it the year before), but preseason favorites mean nothing when it comes to the Tewaaraton, unless you and your team deliver all year long.

Pannell and Schwarzmann did just that, and in the end, the Foundation determined that they were the two most outstanding players this year. Pannell broke the all-time D1 scoring record and led his team to another Final Four appearance. An interesting note: Many have said Pannell is now the all-time NCAA scoring leader, including the Tewaaraton press release, but that is false. D3’s Jason Coffman (Salisbury) holds that record still with 455 points, 101 more than RP3.

Schwarzmann, unlike Pannell, is not seen as solely an offensive beast. She led her team in GBs this year, and finished second in goals, assists, and points, and she did it all from the midfield. She is on the US women’s team, and led Maryland to a spot in the finals. She finished her career third all-time at Maryland for goals and points, which is incredibly impressive, especially when you remember she played midfield the whole time!

Next Year – 2014

Since this year’s early season favorite won the Tewaaraton in 2013, maybe we can make some predictions on who will be a favorite next year…

Lyle Thompson – Thompson almost broke the single season D1 record for points, and has now amassed a total of 113 points as a sophomore, and 38 as a freshman. That means he has 151 total points, and would only need to crest the 100 point plateau twice to be right on Pannell’s heels for the all-time mark. With Miles and Ty on attack with him, I have a hard time seeing that NOT happen!

Mark Cockerton – Do you really think UVA is going to miss the tourney two years in a row? I doubt it. And Cockerton could have a huge senior season. If Chris LaPierre comes back and has eligibility, he has a good shot for UVA as well.

Kieran McArdle – St. John’s needs to improve if McArdle wants to have a real shot, but looking at pure playing ability, McArdle has it!

Austin Kaut – Let’s face it, if Penn State makes a serious run next year, Kaut will play a huge role, and a goalie has never won it before. This could be the time to break that streak! Kaut needs to continue to play well, but really, PSU just needs to make a Final Four, and then Kaut is in the running. It’s a big ask, but certainly possible.

Now I’ve given you my top guys… who else do YOU think is a strong candidate to win the 2014 Tewaaraton?