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How To Shave A Wooden Lacrosse Stick

Wooden Lacrosse sticks don’t have beards, so why would you want to shave them? Ok, that was terrible, but the question remains, why would one want to shave a wooden lacrosse stick? And how would you shave a wooden lacrosse stick?

It’s a fair question, so first I’ll supply you with the answer, and then I’ll show you how to do it yourself. Teaching AND teaching, it’s a double-edged sword.

Editor’s Note: PLEASE be careful if you try this! If you are under 18, get your parent’s permission, and maybe even ask them to help out! Safety first.

The reason for shaving down a wooden lacrosse stick is pretty simple: you want the shaft of your stick to be different than it currently is. Many sticks come to you a little fatter or thicker than you might be used to. By taking some more wood off the shaft portion of the stick, you can adjust the feel of the handle to your preferences. Why wouldn’t stick makers make the shaft skinny right away? Maybe you like it fatter. Maybe you like it skinnier. They simply can’t know. So the majority of the sticks come a little fat, and then YOU, the end user, can slim them down, so that they meet your specifications perfectly.

And the great thing about this old methodology, which is actually new to me, is that it is a very gradual process. You can slim down the shaft a little, and then try it out. If you like it, you keep it as is, if you still think it’s too fat, you take a little more off. You can’t add wood on to your shaft, but you can take small amounts off until it’s just right. This is the ultimate in wood stick customization work!

Now, if you’re curious to know HOW you can do this, read no further, and watch this video:

How To Shave A Wooden Lacrosse Stick

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Yup, break a piece of thick glass, and use it like a straight razor, to peel off thin layers of wood. It seems crazy, but it works as well as just about anything else I could think of. After you’re done with the glass, you can use some sandpaper, a little oil, and the stick will be ready to go once again, and it will be totally YOU. Pretty cool, right?

HUGE thanks to Neal Powless for this amazing wooden lacrosse stick tip. UNREAL.