How To Take Care Of Your Lacrosse Dog
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How To Take Care Of Your Lacrosse Dog

Not only are dogs considered man’s best friend, but it can also be argued that lacrosse dogs make some of the best teammates.

Think about all of the times that you have played wall ball or shot on a cage with your dog as your companion, only for your furry friend to go fetch a missed shot and bring it back.

OK, maybe Fido isn’t that well-trained. But, you love them anyway, right?

After all, they go on countless road trips to recruiting tournaments, summer league games or any other event you can think of as a part of the family.

Here’s a helpful guide for how to take care of and manage travel with your lacrosse dog as you travel to places that your lacrosse career takes you, with recommendations for products for doing so from our friends at BarkShop and at Rover Petcare. Right now, get 20% off sitewide and 40% off sale items on BarkShop using the code “BFDOGS”.

How To Take Care Of Your Lacrosse Dog (+Helpful Products)

How To Take Care Of Your Lacrosse Dog
Much lacrosse. Very cute.

1. Nutrition

Just like any athlete, lacrosse dogs require only the best in nutrition in order to maintain ideal athleticism and overall health. Want your pup to grow up to one day win the title of “Man’s Best Friend” at the top dog school in the country? It all starts with a healthy exercise regimen and feeding your dog nutritious snacks that offer a great tasting treat while providing the energy your dog needs. The Essential Salmon Jerky and is available through BarkShop, and you can receive 20% off this Black Friday using the code “BFDOGS”. With that great deal, you might as well buy the three-pack!

2. Performance Gear

It’s important that you keep your dog warm enough during the winter months, particularly for the lacrosse dogs that are smaller in stature. BarkShop offers the BigWalky Scarf to help keep your favorite dog warm outside while you are attending those early-season lacrosse games that we all know can be rather frigid. The Big Walky Scarf not only functions to keep your dog warm but also has a poop bag dispenser (a vital component as any dog owner can attest), a zipper pocket to hold treats and an additional all-purpose pocket. And, because BarkShop is offering 20% off site-wide with the code, that makes deciding on buying the BigWalky Scarf as easy as taking a walk in the park.

How To Take Care Of Your Lacrosse Dog
Who’s a good boy?

3. Travel

Yes, it’s always great to be able to take the pup along and let them roam around at the various summer lacrosse tournaments that many families make as part of the club ball recruiting circuit. That’s always a bit easier when the tournaments are nearby and within a reasonable driving distance. But, what about when you have to make those cross country road trips, particularly for our friends out west heading to the East Coast?

Rover Petcare has you covered. Book trusted dog sitters and dog walkers who will treat your pets like family. Search for places to board your dog, schedule someone to come house sit or to just drop-by occasionally, or schedule a doggy daycare visit. All sitters pass a basic background check and are approved by Rover‘s sitter specialists.

Don’t worry about your furry friend being left behind again when you use Rover Petcare.

4. Dental Hygiene

Just like any athlete needs a healthy set of pearly whites to flash to the camera during post-game interviews, dogs need their teeth taken care of as well in order to help promote good health and avoid bad breath. The Bacon Benebone from BarkShop gives your dog something to chew on that they will love. Because, who doesn’t love bacon, right? There are different sizes of the Bacon Benebone to fit the size of your dog because it’s important to not have your dogs choking on anything.

How To Take Care Of Your Lacrosse Dog
I’m a versatile lacrosse dog that can bite, chew and munch. Any team is lucky to have me.

5. Toys

Lacrosse players need downtime to relax and unwind from the stress of being a student-athlete. So do lacrosse dogs. It’s hard being that cute! BarkShop offers a wide variety of toys to choose from for your dog, like the highly-rated Consuela the Cactus, the incredibly popular Andi’s Famous Plush Dumplings, or my personal favorite, Gordon the Giant Sloth. There’s a wide variety of options to choose from, so buy now while the discounts at BarkShop still last!