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I Want To Post Like 412

The Holiday Season is upon us although I would totally call it the Christmas Season if it weren’t for that pesky thing called New Years.  What can I say?  I’m extremely lazy and I love a catch-all phrase (even though I wrote way more words in my explanation than “Merry Christmas” would ever use).  Whatever.  I also like to read my own writing so there you go.

John Grant Jr does "it" in Hawaii. "It" is being nasty.

The NLL season is really gearing up right now.  Teams have scrimmaged each other, made roster cuts and brought back Veterans to fill holes.  The potential for Rochester to put G. Gait, JG Jr and Danowski on the floor all at the same time reminds me of that 2005 Bayhawks attack featuring Gary Legend, Maracheck and the Polite Rebel himself, Mikey P.  Can’t wait to see what Dino can do in the indoor game.

An interesting note is that M. Seibald isn’t playing for Boston this winter but maybe Mike Stone (local boy from Wellesley, MA and a recent D3 hero) will find a way on to the team.  If they have a spot for Brett Queener (and as a FORWARD to boot!), Stone should make the team.  I want to see Queener do the moonwalk again but this time he has to do it while Geoff Snider punches him in the back of the head repeatedly.  What? Its not that I don’t like Queener, its just that Boxla is a different world and I want him to experience all of it in its finest glory because I’m green with envy.

oh wait. Queener and Snider already had a run-in. And it ended like this.

Now I’m less envious.  Just a little.  On another Blazers tangent, Sean Morris let everyone on facebook know that “the big man”, Paul Dawson, will fight someone from Toronto on January 9th for the Blazers home opener.  Now I’m no lawyer but if you come out and say you’re going to fight someone, couldn’t that be construed as premeditated assault?  Wait… its going to happen during a sporting event? Oh, nevermind.  Thats totally fine.  God, I love the USA.

I’m pumped to start a new “hot-or-not” review feature on LAS.  I’m working on reviews for STX’s X10 and Viper2 heads as well as Maverik’s Juice head and Gait’s Torque 3.  I can only review products I have actually picked up and played with so if you’re a manufacturer and you think you have good product, don’t be scurred… send it my way, and let an unbiased lax lover rate in on the hot-or-not scale.  (10s will be VERY hard to come by, by the way)

What does get a ton big ol’ 10 guaranteed?  Jerseys like these:

I am a lumberjack and I'm ok. The name of the team is actually Timbermen.

Just for funzies, below is a new pair of Nike ACGs and an STX Professor I dyed for a friend.  Enjoy although the dye job isn’t exactly my best work.  It will be better next time, Greg.  Promise.

new Nike ACGs and a dyed up wand

Also posted for increased good times are these UFLorida K18 gloves from STX.  The kind of remind me of the uniforms Florida wore when they lost to Bama but I won’t bring that up anymore because my girlfriend’s sister will literally cry and then kill me.  Erica, I am so sorry.  Everything will be ok.  I promise.

The "new" Florida F is... ok. I liked the gator in a sweater but I'm old school.

The snow in NYC almost caused me to pull my hamstring.  You know you’re old when you think that walking 10 minutes to the subway on snow is comparable to actual exercise.

Dyeing up a head for the Mardi Gras tourney in Feb down in New Orleans.  Should be a RIDICULOUS time down there and I’m excited to hang out with my brother, who lives down there.

Miami Bump & Grind is 1 month away.  I need to start walking on more snow if I want to be ready!

Headed down to Florida and Puerto Rico for a week after the New Year.  Can’t wait to get some sun and I’ll make sure to be on the lookout for any evidence of the burgeoning PR lax scene.  It happened in Bermuda so I bet it can happen in PR!

My shopping is done, my vacation requests are in and there is lots of snow on the ground… this is shaping up to be one Classic Christmas.

About the Author:
After helping to start the program at Weston HS in Massachusetts, Connor Wilson went on to play at Wesleyan University. Post-graduation, Wilson stayed on and coached at Wesleyan for 2 years. He has also played in Australia and in the A.L.L. Currently, Wilson plays for the Southampton Lacrosse Club in NYC and enjoys dyeing lacrosse sticks, eating breakfast sandwiches, checking out new lax gear and having a really pretentious bio on LAS. Contact him at