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Ice Box: 24-7 Lax Gear

Everyone loves lacrosse shorts.  It’s simply proven science.  They’re comfortable, often have pockets and unless you’re at a lacrosse tournament, no one else is wearing them.  Instead street cred right there.

These ComLax “Recycle” sublimated shorts are looking sharp.  I’m not sure what, if anything, is actually recycled about them other than the logo but they look good.  I can’t deny that.  Maybe they’re made out of recycled sublimated shorts?  Unlikely.  I’m sure there’s a good explanation out there.  $40 is industry standard, I guess.

Good colors. very nice.

The Maverik Golden Boy Hoodie at Great Atlantic sure is something.  It isn’t so preposterous that you look like a total brohole but it’s not shy either.  Good balance.  Smooth finish.  The lining of the hood is suspect.  What, are you too good for plain old fleece red?!?!  At $53 it’s a little expensive for a sweatshirt, but Christmas is just around the corner.

Golden chromey goodness.

And in celebration of the NLL coming back in early 2011 I’ll just show you the $200 authentic Philadelphia Wings jersey you could pick up over on LacrosseMonkey.  The Wings have had the best uniforms in the NLL for years, although now the Minnesota Swarm striped uniforms are probably the best.  We’ll stick with tradition though and go with the Wings.  Boo yah.

Alternate jersey. Still awesome.

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