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adrenaline lacrosse lax shorts hats california surfing
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Ice Box: Adrenaline Gear In The Flesh

Usually, the Ice Box features stuff that I find online, that I would love to own… I think.  One can never really tell how good a product is until you touch it.  Or have owned something from the company before, etc.  Ah, the dangers of buying anything online.  That pretty much means we have to rely on other people to buy it.  Then gauge our trust in their, at-times bought-off, opinions to form our own set of perceptions.  Way too complicated.  So I’ll just be honest with you.  Adrenaline sent me a box of stuff to check out for free.  It’s their newest gear.  This is how the internet works in case you didn’t know.  This could be considered paid content (and since they sent me the stuff, it is in a sense) but I told them I’d need to be completely honest in my review and somewhat surprisingly, they said OK.

It’s always a good sign when a company says, “go for it, review the living daylights out of us”.  Confidence in your product begins at home.

Adrenaline was first known for their socks more than anything else.  I got 4 pairs and kept 2 for myself.  The others will be given away but more on that later.  The socks are well made, I could see that right away.  They also breathe nicely and have a padded footbed.  That’s what I’m talking about.  I love cheap white mid calves as much as the next guy but these socks are special.  I think they’ll be my “gamers” now.

adrenaline lacrosse lax shorts hats california surfing
These shorts are durable, soft and stylish. Boom. shorted.

The shorts they sent over reek of quality.  I usually hate basic shorts that are just fabric with a sidepanel.  They’re always too big on the leg, fit poorly and either stretch way too much or none at all.  The latter is like wearing a bathing suit.  Not awesome.  Well, the adrenaline shorts are sweet.  Max Ritz claimed that they spent a LOT of time making sure their fabrics were on point and he wasn’t kidding.  These shorts are the right weight, have a little stretch and their almost off white color is subtle and amazing.

adrenaline lacrosse lax shorts hats california surfing
SOCKS! Ts and more…

The hats are sick.  Do you like hats?  Because these are great.  Corduroy in maroon/brown and gold? An almost felt grey hat?  Fitted hats to perfection?  Yup.  They’ve got it all covered.  Very impressed with the fit and quality here.  Spring coaching, here I come!

Finally, their Gig sweatshirt.  Dear God, this is awesome.  Super soft, shorter sleeves (the days of baggy are over and so you can show off your watch) and a classic dark grey made this a staple of my wardrobe immediately.  I’ll wear this for years.

adrenaline lacrosse lax shorts hats california surfing
Sweatshirt from the heavens. True story.

I don’t usually gush over sports apparel but this stuff is legit.  Very impressed and happy to have this gear.  They also have casual shorts and more hoodies out and if the stuff I got is any indication of the line’s quality (which it should be), then that stuff is great too.  One note is that if you do prefer a baggier fit, you’ll need to order up a size.  XL is ALWAYS too big on me so I wear a large usually, but their XL fits me like everyone else’s large.  It’s a tailored athletic fit and if you’re in shape, you’ll look good in it.  So don’t worry there, because I know you were fretting a little.

As a small reward to the readers, best comment or story about socks wins some Adrenaline gear.  Socks!  They’re sweet.  Keep it clean, keep it lax related and may the best man or woman win.  Truthiness helps and just like Santa, I can tell when you’re lying.  Women wear socks too!

You can BUY BUY BUY Adrenaline gear from  Totally true.