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Ice Box: Best. Cartoon. EVER.

The Ice Box has been hooking you up with the freshest gear for a while now. You can check out our archives to look back on what we’ve had in the past and you get to check out the New New. We’ve talked heavily about lacrosse gear in the past.  And today, we’ll provide a brief respite by introducing you to the what is, quite simply, the best adult themed cartoon ever.  Of all time.  THE VENTURE BROTHERS!

You know something is 100000% awesome if you have a fan page like this the Venture Brothers do.

Go Team Venture!

You can buy DVDs on, of course, Best Buy and they’re up to Season 4.  This show is chock-o-block full of Johnny Quest references and Brock Samson is probably the most appealong character on all of televsion for males between the age of 14 and 48.  Patrick Warburton providing the voice work doesn’t hurt either.  His flow inspired Connor Wilson to grow his hair out.  True story.

Thadeus “Rusty” Venture, is a total sad sack of failure when it comes to being a decent scientist, but he manages to create a lot of ridiculous situations and his reluctant participation in “arching” with The Monarch, a villain dressed as a butterfly, is always funny.

Plus, there are Venture Brothers action figures!  Who doesn’t like action figures?!?!?!

Venture Brothers action figures brock samson
You could have Brock on your desk keeping you honest!

Season 4 Trailer. Sheer Superitude.

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Don’t forget to check out for more gear lacrosse players love!