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Ice Box: Make It Custom

There is nothing quite like a piece of quality equipment or clothing, especially if it’s custom gear. It will last you for years and look better the more you use it.  We’ve rounded up a couple of these quality items that you can customize to your liking.  Indulge yourself once in a while.

Reebok has their new ZigSlash Basketball shoes and these would be great for working out, playing some ball on the hardcourt and getting a little box lacrosse action in this winter.  I would imagine all the big Reebok guys in the NLL this winter will be wearing custom ZigSlash sneakers.  $133 worth of sweetness.

Oregon colors. Why not? Not like Oregon Lax is a Nike school yet.

ComLax offers custom dyed heads.  Is there a better way to stick out on a lacrosse field?  The ultimate in custom.  Leave the chrome to the pretty boys.  Dyeing is forever.  The ComLax “Toxic” dye is a good one.  And it will match your sneakers.

I. Like. This. I want a Brine Gospel with this dye style.

Finally, if you’re looking to get a throwback jersey for someone as a gift or gag, look no further than Classic Old School. These guys just need a picture of the old uniform and they will go to town and create a high quality recreation. This is so cool.  Old school lax jersey, here I come!

Classic Old School indeed.

Don’t forget to check out for more gear lacrosse players love!