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Ice Box: Mohawk International Lacrosse Heads

The Ice Box has heads.  Boo Ya.

Everyone knows about Warrior, Adidas, Reebok, Brine, STX, Nike and Gait.  These are the big boys of lacrosse.  They are either HUGE sports brands or long established companies that have specialized in lacrosse gear for decades.  Maverik gets lumped in with this group of manufacturers as they have reached heights that new lacrosse companies normally would only dream of.

Mohawk International is an interesting brand.  Their heads are made on Mohawk Nation Territory and they have a reputation as being incredibly stiff and almost unbreakable.  I have a Mohawk Mission head and although the scoop is very wide, the throat is very narrow.  It’s stiff and can take a serious beating out on the field or on the floor of a box rink.  The designs are not modern but they definitely harken back to an older, more physical style of lacrosse.  This is my box stick.  I tried to pinch it but it was too stiff.  The Mach1 is also a pretty sweet spoon.

Mach1. More like Mach10.

Tribe7 is a New York City based company that is notorious for some of the wackiest videos online ever. Rob Littel, the owner and operator of Tribe7 loves lax.  That much is clear.  He has designed heads that focus on function over fashion and if you subscribe to his lacrosse beliefs, these will be the best wands you ever use.  They use some interesting stringing techniques and their heads all resemble a scooped hand.

Finally we have Harrow.  Sure, Harrow is an exisiting company with its hands in lots of different jars but apart from their gloves in the MCLA, they aren’t an extremely popular manufacturer.  Their heads have a nice full offset to them and a throat that definitely creates a very tight channel.  One of the Thompson brothers was seen using an earlier verison of the Crossbow X in a recent box game.  So it has to be able to take a good slapping around at the very least!

Nice and tight in the throat. Looks tough.

Don’t forget to check out for more gear lacrosse players love!