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Ice Box: Required Lacrosse Accessories

The Ice Box has been hooking you up with the freshest gear for a while now.  You can check out our archives to look back on what we’ve had in the past and you get to check out the New New.  Since lacrosse season is so close, we’ll focus on gear and equipment that will help you make it through another great Spring with flying colors.  Time to lax it up!

With stick regulations being changed in 2010, 2011 is no season to fall asleep at the compliance wheel.  Make sure your spoons are all regulation with the Warrior NCAA Measuring Tree.  $25 well spent, to never get a 3 minute stick penalty!

lacrosse warrior lax measuring tree tool device
make sure it's legal!

Brine Method Target Wings are not a “need it” item like the measuring tree may be, but for coaches, little things like this can make a big difference.  During shooting drills, it would be a lot of fun for players to have real target during, what is essentially, target practice.  And you could place the targets on the goalies hips if you wanted your kids to focus there. Or right in the middle under the cross bar.  The options for fun and positive competition are endless!

Brine Method Lacrosse shooting lax targets
Snipe, snipe away.

Finally, you’re going to need string.  Lots of it!  Go to Jimalax and get your fix for great prices and excellent customer service.  I’ve dealt with these guys in the past and they’ve always gone above and beyond what is expected.

lacrosse stringing spool crosslace string lax
So many colors! String, string, string!

Don’t forget to check out for more gear lacrosse players love!