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Ice Box: Snazziness Ensues

The Ice Box has covered sneakers, lax gear, going out attire and more.  This time around it’s higher end garments via GiltMan, an online discount retailer that offers brand name clothes at discounted prices.  If you like paying full price, then by all means go ahead.  Otherwise, you might think about signing up for GiltMan.

First things first, the Double Layer Plaid Shirt from Gilded Age.  Bright, fitted and has some nice little accents to make it just a bit different from every other plaid shirt on the market.

Heading to Miami for the Bump & Grind Tourney? Perfect.

Next up is a Canadian Lumberjack/Notorious BIG inspired jacket from Canterbury of New Zealand.  Their Wool Plaid Hunter Jacket is off the chains and will definitely keep you warm as you walk from the library to wherever you’re headed next.  Probably home.

Keep it real or cut down a tree. You decide.

Since it’s not ALWAYS freezing out, you need a lighter jacket too.  This Line Stripe Baseball Jacket from Penguin meets your needs and isn’t too baseball intensive for a lacrosse player to wear.  A clean conscience is just as important as clean presentation.

That's Old Timey.

For your daily fix of lifestyle & lax gear, make sure you check out!