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LAS Blue Magic Lacrosse Wood Shaft
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Ice Box Special: Wood Shafts by Blue Magic Lax

Editor’s note: We didn’t have an Ice Box on Wednesday because Jeff Brunelle requested that we wait until after The Lacrosse Shop launched. There was something special he wanted to share with all you readers out there. It’s not cartoons, but it’s equally as cool!

LAS Blue Magic Lacrosse Wood Shaft

Yes, THIS IS REAL. Our friends Phil Czarnecki and Mike Ruka from Blue Magic Lacrosse recently hooked us up with a number of custom wood shafts.

Blue Magic Lacrosse Wood Lax Shafts
Phil and Mike going to town, creating Blue Magic Lax masterpieces!

Made of red oak, these woodies are the real deal. I’ve been “playing” with one for the past month and it’s literally the best shaft I’ve ever had. I put “playing” in quotes because I haven’t yet played a real game with it, just a light scrimmage and LOTS of wall ball. I want this baby to last a long time and age like quality scotch.

It’s also perfect for a little catch and fetch. I just have to store it out of nose reach from The Bear because he thinks the wood shaft is a real stick!

Blue Magic Lacrosse Wood Lax Shafts
Fresh off the table saw!

The shafts are a good weight, completely straight and very balanced. The semi-rounded edges provide the ideal grip because they’re not too sharp, yet not too rounded either. You feel like you have a sturdy, well-produced lacrosse stick in your hand. And that, of course, is exactly what you want!

The clear coat provides the perfect smooth texture (zero slippage) that really completes the whole setup.

Blue Magic Lacrosse Wood Lax Shafts
Time for the clear coat. Told you these were handmade!

From the fine edges to the clear coat and the intricate wood burning, the guys at Blue Magic Lacrosse do great work. Even down to the butt end! The BML logo on the bottom of the shaft is a great final touch. Easily covered up with an end cap, but if you’re like me you’ll want to keep it visible and bask in the glory of such a unique, one-of-a-kind product. Just like you keep your best scotch on display.

Blue Magic Lacrosse Wood Lax Shafts

I wrapped a little athletic tape around the bottom edges to create a perfectly weighted end of my liking. I recommend you do the same!

Blue Magic Lacrosse Wood Lax Shafts
My current setup!

These shafts are Limited Edition items, and we only got 20 made. We’ll never make the same ones again, so make sure you get em while they’re hot!

If the LAS Shaft isn’t your thing, but you’re still interested in getting down and dirty with a woody, look no further than the Blue Magic Lacrosse official website. There, you can order a completely custom red oak or white pine shaft. Engraved with your number, initials and all!

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