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East Bound & Found: Idaho Lacrosse Player Chases His Dream Northeast
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Idaho Lacrosse Player Chases Dream Northeast (Part 1 of 4)

Today we kick off a 4-part miniseries about an Idaho high school lacrosse player named Grant Koehl who’s journeyed coast to coast and hit the books hard to chase his dream. From Boise all the way over and up to Saratoga Springs, “East Bound & Found” explores Grant’s unique situation as a lacrosse recruit from a non-traditional area and puts many of the differences between the fastest game on two feet in the East and West on display.

Together with Rhino Lacrosse, we’re pleased to present the story of a young boy who was introduced to the game late, but fell in love with it and realized there was much more he could get out of the sport the more that he put in.

Part 1 of our story picks up in June 2013, just after Grant has finished his sophomore year and his second successful season as a longpole for the Knights’ varsity lacrosse program. As he prepares for an unconventional recruiting trip to the Northeast, we speak with Grant about his personal goals and expectations for the Summer ahead.

From The City of Trees to Saratoga Springs

This Fall, Grant Koehl will enter his Senior year at Bishop Kelly High School in Boise, Idaho. Born back East, but brought up mostly in The City of Trees, Grant has been a long stick midfielder (LSM) and close defenseman since the moment he was introduced to the game in sixth grade.

Back in 2010, when I first met him, his 6-foot long lacrosse stick was still a head taller than he was at the time.

I was on a flight to Las Vegas for a lacrosse tournament when I was unexpectedly introduced to a young thirteen year old boy named Grant. He was headed to the very same place I was with his U13 program. For a youngster, Grant carried himself with a poise seldom seen in athletes his own age – swagger comparable to that of Mo’ne Davis.

During our flight, I recall asking him how he was introduced to the game. He had simply fallen into it thanks to a recommendation from a friend. Lucky him!

Coincidentally, Grant was in his final year at St. Joe’s, the same grade school I’d attended when I was a kid. He’d be headed to my alma mater for high school the next year. At the time, I was the defensive coordinator for Bishop Kelly varsity squad, so I’d inevitably end up being his coach.

It turned out that one of Grant’s earliest experiences with the game, aside from his first field lacrosse season, was the annual summer camp in Boise put on by Ryan Powell and his company, Rhino Lacrosse.

Grant recalled struggling a lot with stick work that summer. But he attended Rhino Camp again the following year, and with a couple of seasons under his belt, everything about the game really started to make sense.

As he entered high school, Grant’s relationship with Rhino Lacrosse continued to grow through his coaches and a feedback loop with Powell. The Summer after his Sophomore year, he was invited to the New England Top 150 camp. The timing aligned perfectly with Rhino’s Saratoga Spring Shootout, so Powell found a spot on a team for Grant and I came up with the idea to document his journey.

We hope you enjoy getting to know Grant and that his story provides useful insight and inspiration for other youngsters pursuing a college lacrosse career. Grant has a bright future ahead, and as you’ll soon find out, there’s really no secret to it other than hard work and determination.

Up Next – Part 2: Can Idaho Lacrosse hang with Upstate NY?

We invite you to follow along as we continue to roll out parts two and three of the “East Bound & Found” miniseries during the month of September. Part 4 will air at the conclusion of Grant’s senior year.

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