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I’m a Midd Kid, I Swing My Nalgene Low

They call themselves The Allen Jokers, and they just released a rap song all about their school, Middlebury College.

The Allen Jokers


Ever wondered what Middlebury was all about? This song explains it all.

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These cats call themselves The Allen Jokers, and you can become a fan of them right now.

Interesting choruses:


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I’m a Midd Kid, I swing my nalgene low
Go Green on the side, sippin H20
I’m a Midd Kid, I roll my jeans up high
with my Teva strap tight and my flannel so fly

Cause I’m a lax bro, eh yo I flow in my Polo,
with Natty from a Solo yo, no homo
I’m a lax bro, I shred threads on the reg
all the ho’s should beg, so b*tch pump my keg
Cause’ I’m a lax bro

Download here

Full lyrics here

Music by Sam Robinson
Lyrics by Sam Robinson, Doug Robinson, Colin Meany
Additional singers include Phil Gordon, Andrew Plumley, Alyssa Limperis

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