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Improve Your Game with Wall Ball

Editor’s Note: Trilogy directors and coaches will be dropping tons of knowledge on you from week to week. This week, Chris Boland talks wall ball. Make sure you check out our Training Archive as well, brought to you by Trilogy!

Spring Break is coming up!

Just because you’re not at practice, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be practicing.

Wall Ball is the easiest way to improve your stick work in a short amount of time. Develop good habits with proper technique: shoulders turned, feet moving, arms back and away from your body.

Always go in with a plan. How many passes are you going to throw lefty and righty? What type of passes are you going to throw? Overhand, sidearm, underhand?

Throw different variations and pick a spot out on the wall.

I spend 30 minutes on the wall 4 times a week and change up my routine every day. Your skills will improve dramatically in that 30 minutes if you have a plan and are efficient.

This video was shot in downtown Brooklyn, walls are easy to come by…find one, use it.

For more great lacrosse knowledge, check out the Training Archive and become a better player today! It’s never too late.