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In Case You Missed It: Weekly Lacrosse Recap

Another glorious week of lacrosse is in the books!  We’ve had a TON of great content on (and on ALL of the blogs!) all week and there’s been some solid stuff going on with some of the other sites out there too.  As we do each week, we’re putting together ALL the content from the last 7 days, keeping it all in one place, and doing it just for you. And you.  And you.

We’ll run through a couple of our top stories, and then give you rest via broad-raning topic groupings.  So science-y.

Ryan Powell wrote a PSA about wearing a cup that EVERY male player should read.  We talked about how a top team can manage to play with a Target On Their Back.  Want to play lacrosse in college?  We provide the TOP TEN Ways to be a college-ready player.  On the Pop culture front, we coined a new photo craze term: K18ing.  The submissions so far have been pretty fantastic!  K18 is a legend legend!  So Who’s Next?!?!?!

k18Ing lacrosse
He's even got the helmet! Nice!

We added a new blog!!!!  Lacrosse Beauty is here and it’s all Canada, all box, and all Beauty!

Plus Registration is now open for the 2012 Salt Shakerz Invitational!  Make sure to check out the preview post and enter a team!

And now that the George Huguely trial is over, we can really start to weigh in.  Trying to create an official lax bar, in DC of all places, probably isn’t the best way.  But what do you expect from a true BRO?  The fact that the UVA game is being broadcast at the bar is like getting punched in the fact by sad, sad Irony.

College Lacrosse

Definitely don’t want to miss our comprehensive College Lacrosse Weekend Preview!  Hopkins beats Towson, we have GREAT photos by Tommy Gilligan, and a write up by CW.  Colorado State starts out strong.  RedHotBuffs also roll along.New MCLA logo for the 2012 Championships.  Some USC – FSU Video Highlights.

UMD – Minnesota coming up this weekend!  We have video of UMD – Iowa State.  Oregon Lax Blog!  The Ducks are doing well!  PBAU wins big.  Twice.  SELC D2 Power Rankings.  SELC D1 Power Rankings.  Swank Lax offers up D3 picks!  Duke – Notre Dame highlights.

Go to a game at Stevenson if you can.  You will not be let down.  24SevenLax even chose to go to a Stevenson game this weekend over the UNC – Navy game.  That says something!  IU gets ready, shares field house.  Some more SELC coverage: D1 and D2.  BYU – Chapman Video Highlights?  Um, THANK YOU! Was there a Defensive Breakdown?  More college lax film.

College Lax in Idaho gets rolling: Idaho and the YOTES!  Clemson is ready to rebound!  Love the attitude within that program.  More from Clemson.  Pitt is also doing well so far!  Delaware loses, and Ridley is amazing!  Quint gives us 26 things in college lax that each start with different letters of the alphabet.  At least he got Z right!

We Recap all the action from last weekend.  Make sure you’re caught up!  Notre Dame grants EVERYONE all-access.  Not exclusive but still pretty cool.

GREAT article on Laxpower by Jerry Price on the Princeton Men’s team.

The Lacrosse Lifestyle

TheArtOfLax talks with Grant Hewit, professional multi-tasker about the Big Apple Pond Hockey Classic.  Grant is a former Princeton lax captain.  We’re talking Old School, books, and Lacrosse Is For Me.  MCLAFAN Photo of the Week.  Random Iowa Lax Update.  Wugazi WILL impress you.  MUSIC!  We want YOU!  LAS Sightings!  Do people miss 30 Seconds to Mars?

Only The Finest Lacrosse Gear

HeadStrong Brine Deft gloves?  SURE!  Wow, this post is PACKED with MCLA collegiate gear for the 2012 season.  So much swag.  Easton Lacrosse‘s Stealth head gets reviewed!  Get yourself DRAWN by TheArtOfLax!  Iroquois Inspired box lacrosse helmet.  Villanova receives AWESOME gear for 2012.  412 gives up bagging on STX for Lent.  Good for him.  MLL HeadWrapz for fanz.  Loving LI and Ohio.  Team Texas gets done up by ProAthletics  Harrow, Boathouse, Gait.  Oh my.  Thailand is BALLING.  Salisbury’s yellow face masks are super special.

Breaking down the NCAA D1 Top 20 by what brands they use.  Interesting stuff!!!!

Woody shaft Gear Review for Blackfeet?  Yes.  These UA cleats are almost too much.

The Younger Generation

American Revolution releases FULL 2012 Summer Schedule.


Brooks Sweet.  UMass legend.  World Lax Legend.  Awesome man.

Make sure to check out our Lacrosse Legends T-Shirts in the Lacrosse Shop!

New Orleans is legend in an of itself.  So is their LAX TOURNEY!  Salt Shakerz rip it up!

Should the College Guys get a shot at being the US Team Guys?

Lyle Thompson, future legend, laughs of Cuse slap checks.  It’s awesome in slow mo.

Maverik releases quite possibly the BEST Lacrosse commercial ever.  Grow The Game!