In Da Club with 412lax: Weekly Review of MCLA Action


Week #1: 412lax presents a weekly video review of all the hot news in the MCLA.  Love it, hate it, the fact is YOU GOT IT. 


Today is special day here at LAS. Yeah, it’s Friday – which is killer – but this also marks the debut of 412lax’s MCLA Week In Review Video or what we like to call “In Da Club with 412lax“. 

So, from now on, you can get your MCLA commentary here at LAS via 412lax each and every Friday. Don’t like what he’s sayin? Agree? Bring the heat – Drop a line in the comments. We’re all here to talk it up.

For those who don’t know, 412lax is a new ‘MCLA lifestyle’ blog created by University of Pittsburgh attackman Peter Tumbas.  The blog, tagged “True Life: I’m an MCLA Lacrosse Player” is the place to go if you want an insider’s look at what its like to be a part of the MCLA.  He covers everything going on with Pitt lacrosse and his stuff is always entertaining. If you haven’t already, check it out.

We’ll be syndicating each and every one of Peter’s weekly videos to give you an inside look at the MCLA. Lucky for us, he’s also hookin LAS up with some love along the way. Just check out the 5:15 mark to see the great shoutout he gives

In the words of Jim Rome, Boom…Outta here.


  1. You are assuming too much at ASU. It is not fact that any hazing happened. If you want to be a journalist you should learn the rules.

    TOP23 — why should it be 25? Who says 25 is a round number? US Lacrosse stops at 20 — that is 3 less than the TOP 23. Who made 5s and 10s the round numbers? why not do things in 7s or a prime number like 23 ? Why stop at 25 then? Why not the Top30 or Top42 or Top213 ? Who made 25 the rule?


  2. My guess is a lot of teams could be in the same spot as ASU right now. It’s no secret that lacrosse players like to have fun. When you get 40 college guys together on a Friday night for for "freshman initiation", good intentions have the potential to meet cruel and get the team in some serious dirt. I’ve always believed that kind of thing is a true testament to team leadership. Either you’ve got great captains and coaches who positively influence the rest of the team or you don’t.