Bayhawks vs Lizards 7.26.14 Credit: Casey Kermes
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Inside Look: Chesapeake Bayhawks Down NY Lizards 12-11

Photo Credit: Casey Kermes

Sunday’s home game for the New York Lizards was definitely an interesting one. Watching the game you must have noticed Chesapeake Bayhawks’s goalie Tyler Fiorito absolutely standing on his head with a career high 15 saves which earned him the game’s MVP honor. Seriously, he made some pretty nasty saves.

Fiorito may have been the man of the game but it was Joe Walters led comeback that drove the Hawks past the Lizards, 12-11. Joe nabbed 2 goals and 2 assists in the game and his goal in the 4th was a staple in the win.

New York is still sitting in the #3 spot heading towards the playoffs and still has something to fight for. Chesapeake on the other hand knew they were out of contention for the post-season, but the guys were not done with 2014 yet.

Heading in to the 4th the Lizards were up on the Hawks, 11-8. Chesapeake’s pole Jesse Bernhardt was the man on Sunday afternoon when it came to clearing, feeding and even collecting goals. Jesse had a crank from the 2-point line that ripped top ched past Drew Adams, pushing Chesapeake within 1.

Stephen Robarge won his biggest face-off of the night and tracked down Walters who hit a no-looker Peet Poillon on the crease who put it past Adams like he does best. With 4:21 the Hawks had the lead they needed.

The Lizards threw the ball away about a minute left on the clock in which the Bayhawks were successfully about to tick time away.

Drew Westervelt had 2 goals while Peet Poillon, Matt Abbott and Matt Mackrides had 1 goal and 1 assist each.

Rob Pannell had a goal of his own with 3 assists while Ned Crotty found 3 goals for the Lizards in the tough loss.

The Chesapeake Bayhawks host the Denver Outlaws next Saturday at 7:30 p.m. and New York heads off to Charlotte to hold their ground against the Hounds.

Take a look from the sideline at Sunday’s action!