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Drew Snider pro lacrosse player Insider Moment presented by SISU Guard

The Insider Moments content series is designed to chronicle the very moments at which today’s most passionate lacrosse enthusiasts — people just like you — fell in love with the game. These moments matter, and together, with the help of LAS Insiders from all over the world, is documenting the stories of every single one.


All in the name of growing the game, it is our intent that each feature published helps fuel the passion of other lacrosse players and drives the interest of their non-lacrosse playing friends. Lacrosse enthusiasts can come from all walks of life, and that’s something those outside of our game deserve to know.

With the help and assistance of LAS Insiders, we aim to publish one Insider Moment each month. Every LAS Insider who gets featured will receive two SISU mouthguards – one for himself/herself and the other to pass on to a teammate or a young player you would like to help protect. SISU mouthguards are the thinnest, lightest, and strongest mouthguards on the market today.

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