diving lax picture lacrosse Germany Marburg Saints goalie save goal lacrosse
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International Lax: German Lacrosse Photo Shoot, Video and News

International Lacrosse day on LAS keeps rolling.  Oh, did we mention today is International Lacrosse Day on LAS?  We didn’t?  Well, it is.  We had NLL highlights earlier (and box is big in Canada!) and later we’ll have a German Box Lacrosse post.  But for now, Jeff Struble of the Marburg Saints in Germany sent over this picture from a recent photo shoot for their lacrosse club.  We’ve seen some German Lacrosse Photos before and those were in the snow.  Now we’re seeing another photoshoot without snow.  Let the season begin, rigth?!?!?!  These guys are clearly having a ton of fun out there and I love the backhand jump shot!  Get a defender or two in there for background and we’ve got a potential Photo of the Year!

diving lax picture lacrosse Germany Marburg Saints goalie save goal lacrosse
This is awesome. And he's using a dyed head. Perfection!


Those crazy Germans have also been playing a lot of Kinnect!  And sometimes they even do it in full pads!

[fvplayer src=”https://youtube.com/watch?v=k2rbL8f1F20?fs=1″ splash=”https://i.ytimg.com/vi/k2rbL8f1F20/hqdefault.jpg” caption=”Xbox Kinect in full lax gear”]


In other International News, Dave Huntley is out as the Nationals (MLL) Head Coach.  The Nationals are now based out of Hamilton, Ontario intead of Toronto (still close by) and they’ll find a new coach no problem.  If they stick with they way things have been going in the past, it will probably be the favorite for the Team Canada job in 2014.  Those crafty Canadians!!

Dave Huntley Canada lacrosse Nationals Wings lax
Huntley is gone... for now.