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Lax ID Patrick Tunison interview
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LAX ID: Interview With Patrick Tunison, Bishop Kelly

Editor’s note: and Lacrosse Idaho, a local lacrosse shop in Boise, Idaho, have joined forces to shed light on the game in this emerging area. Over the coming weeks, Lacrosse Idaho (also known as LAX ID) and LAS will be bringing you interviews with Idaho’s standout high school lacrosse players. All interviews are conducted by Idaho native, LAX ID employee and former Univ. of Idaho player Riley McNeal.

Lax ID Patrick Tunison interview

Patrick Tunison is a Senior midfielder for Bishop Kelly High School in Boise, ID. With 45 points (34 G, 11 A) on the season, Tunison leads the Knights into the league quarterfinals tomorrow night against Eagle High School.

Any special credentials?

Patrick Tunison: I’ve been captain of my team for two years. I made 1st team All Conference as a junior and I also was invited to play in the Idaho All Star game. I also was lucky enough to play in the Denver Team Camp All Star game.

What aspect of the game do you enjoy the most?

Patrick Tunison: I enjoy the creativity that you are allowed to have on the field. There are guidelines on how to play the game, but each player is allowed to have his own style of play. It makes it a lot more enjoyable to play than any other sport out there just because you have so much freedom in what you do out on the field.

Who is your favorite lacrosse player?

Patrick Tunison: Kyle Harrison. Being from Idaho, one of the best ways to learn how to shoot is to watch YouTube videos. I watch a lot of his videos and try to model as much of my offensive game around his moves and techniques as I can. Plus, he’s just an incredible athlete and a fun player to watch.

Patrick Tunison Bishop Kelly High School

What is your favorite NCAA team?

Patrick Tunison: Probably John Hopkins because I like the way that their offensive midfielders play the game. They always seem to have mids that are incredible dodgers and shooters on the run. It’s the style of lacrosse that I enjoy watching the most.

What ideal stick combination?

Patrick Tunison: Any shaft will work for me as long as it isn’t too heavy. All of my career I have only used the clutch and proton power. Both have worked great for me. The one quality I like to have with my sticks is to have the center of gravity up by the head so I can feel the ball better in my stick.

How do you like to string your stick?

Patrick Tunison: I have a teammate string the side wall for me and create a mid to high pocket right at the end of the throat of the stick. I have 3 shooting strings, one of them being a “U” to help add ball control.

How do you think Idaho has progressed in Lax since you have been playing?

Patrick Tunison: I feel like every year that I’ve played, the league has gotten progressively better. Now days at the high school level you’re seeing kids pass, catch, and score with both hands. That was next to unheard of 5-6 years ago.

Patrick Tunison Bishop Kelly High School Boise Idaho

What is your favorite motivational quote?

Patrick Tunison: “Complacency kills.” – It reminds me that the moment I am satisfied with my game is the moment that I stop progressing as a player.



Are you planning on continuing your lacrosse career after high school? If so where?

Patrick Tunison: Yeah I am, right now it’s looking like I’ll be playing at the University of Idaho, but I’ll have to see how the financial situation works out.

What is your favorite song to get you pumped up for a game?

Patrick Tunison: If I had to choose one song it would have to be “Lose Yourself” by Eminem. I think everyone gets pumped after listening to that song though.

Do you have any pre-game rituals?

Patrick Tunison: I like to hop around a little just to get my feet ready before a game. It helps to calm me down. Other than that though, not really. I just try to get my mind right.


Special thanks to Lacrosse Idaho for sponsoring this interview series.

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