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Introducing Brookyln LC/TheArtOfLax – A Local Participant In The 2011 Salt Shakerz Invitational

Editor’s Note: As we get closer to the First annual Salt Shakerz Invitational (June 25, 26 in NYC —  (get more info at the Shakerz want to give LAS readers a continuing taste of what to expect at the tourney by highlighting the different teams that will be coming to the tournament.  Today they are focusing on the Brooklyn Lacrosse Club/ The Art of Lax!


First of all, what’s in a name anyway? What is your team name and how’d you pick it? And How did you get started? (tell us a little bit about your club!)

Brooklyn Lacrosse Club was founded on Aug. 2005 in Brooklyn, NY by strangers and complete laxheads; Dan Mirsky (Wesleyan), Dan Sheff (Mt. St. Mary’s) & Vinnie Ricasio (Pratt Institute), who were all sick of commuting to NJ or LI for games. Vinnie Ricasio now leads the team w/ Matt Ossola (Marist College).

B in your programs, #1 in your hears.

Where are you located?

Our home field is based in Brooklyn but we have players from all over the 5-boroughs/NYC-metro area.

How would you describe the club lacrosse scene where you’re located?

Vinnie is the rare Native New Yorker/lacrosse player and remembers when lacrosse in NYC was literally a “dry-well” or “joke” growing up. In 2005, the ONLY NYC-based post collegiate club team was NYAC (New York Athletic Club) anything else was either in Westchester and Long Island. With the many lacrosse players that moved to NYC for careers, etc. we decided to get it going.

How many people are on your team, part of your club?

I would say somewhere around 35-40 players or so. We keep on finding hidden talent from our current players thru “word of mouth” & connections, etc.

TheArtofLax - Crank!

Who is behind the team? (founders, captains, sponsors, etc.)

Vinnie Ricasio (founder & captain), Matt Ossola (captain) & we are also being outfitted by Vinnie’s artistic magic called The Art of Lax™. Matt Ossola will be taking over the leadership role effectively in the fall.

What makes your team different, and/or stand above others?

Brooklyn lacrosse has its share of talents, etc. but we have been considered as one of the most highly organized teams off the field dealing with A.L.L. administration/responsibilities.

What was your 2010 season like?

We mostly just play in the A.L.L. and after that the team is split doing numerous summer leagues/tournaments and fall ball/winter ball leagues.

Any games, tournaments or experiences you’re particularly proud of?

Yeah, we got 2nd place at the 2009 Grow Lax Summer Tournament which was also held at Randalls Island!

Gang Green from the BK!

How is your team looking for the 2011 season? Do you have a 2011 Schedule? If so, do tell!

This tourney is the only one so far on our calendar.

What are you guys looking to improve on in 2011 both on the field as a team, and off the field as a team/organization/club?

To continue being more competitive and active in the area but most of all being a part of the lacrosse community by having a “forum of friends” to hang out/network with. Playing lacrosse with Brooklyn and playing lacrosse in general has definitely aided with the growth of The Art of Lax™ — no question about it!

All Crank, all the time.

Are you guys a team that focuses on its gear and uniform? If so, any new developments we should know about? Anything special for the tournament?

We don’t really focus too much on the “look good/play good” motto but our tournament shirts will be shooter shirts with the #1 selling image “Crank” screened on it from The Art of Lax™

What brought you to the Salt Shakerz Invitational?

It’s in my hometown – NYC… HOLLAH! :o) Glad to not spend $$ for a hotel room(s) rather spend it on the nightlife & festivities! Oh and the commute is much shorter.

What are your expectations for the tournament? Any idea what the competition will be like? You feel like making a prediction about your chances?

I was told that some serious talent will be coming over so it would be good to face and play with that as well. As far as my chances, we have some surprises as well that I’m very curious about too!

Tell us a bit about your upcoming trip to NY. Will you be staying in and around the city?

We’ll be staying at our apartments!

You’ve got quite a few off-the-field opportunities in NYC (including the Tournament After Party), What are you most looking forward to and why?

Seeing friends that I play lacrosse with/against and catching up with former teammates that you haven’t seen in YEARS!

Anything you’d like to tell the LAS readers?

LACROSSE… because it’s cheaper than seeing a shrink! (<—–2011 copyright Vinnie Ricasio/The Art of Lax™!!!!)

Where can interested Lax players find you and get more information?

Brooklyn Lacrosse Club group page on Facebook and The Art of Lax™