Introducing GetMitchOrDieTryin – A Musical Gem


You come to LacrosseAllStars for the cutting edge commentary and intense two-man podcast action, but you stay for the music. Right?

Editor’s Note: GetMitchOrDieTryin is the new sheriff in town. Please give him a round of applause… He’s bold, he’s brilliant, and he kinda likes music (though Striding Man thinks his stuff is horrible)… Take a listen and tell us what you think. All I hear is DAYMANNN…Champion of the Sun…

The song we have today is the perfect soundtrack for the first weekend of the year to crack 70 and sunny, the Menahan Street Band’s “Make the Road By Walking”. It’s a cool little funk-jazz number that you might recognize from a certain Jay-Z song from last year. Dig it!

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Mitch Mcshane is a LaxAllStars OG and one of the first contributers to join the site. Word on the street is that he goes hard in da paint. You can find him lurking the Spoon Feed day and night.