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Lacrosse on top of an RV - Matt Gibson Henry Fitzpatrick
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Introducing Stick Trick Saturday

Colton Raichl here with you today with the first installment of Stick Trick Saturday.  The purpose of these drills are to improve your stick skills and creativity in your backyard, eventually transferring to the field. You can also impress your friends and have fun with it too.

Essentially anything you do with a lacrosse stick in your hands can improve your stick skills. Even if it’s just walking around your house cradling, picking up GB’s in the living room, or split dodging your sister, you will begin to get more comfortable with a stick in your hands.

I will be showing you a different stick trick every Saturday for you to practice and master.

If you think you have a unique stick trick you haven’t seen done before send it in to with the subject line, “Stick Trick Saturday” and it may be featured in the next week’s video!

Soon enough we will all be as good as the inspiration for Stick Trick Saturday, New York Lizards attack man, and our buddy, Matt Gibson.