Ireland lacrosse box world championships tryouts
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Ireland Sets Sights on 2015 Indoor Championship

Back in November the Irish men’s national box lacrosse team held their open tryout weekend in Dublin to let the men battle it out for just 1 of 23 roster spots available for the 2015 World Indoor Lacrosse Championships.

Ireland’s photographer and video man, Tom Beary, was at the scene to take in the tryouts first hand, we are going to let Tom take it from here and explain a little bit about what’s going on in this awesome video!

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After an intensive tryout weekend at the start of November, overseen by National Teams Director John Cavanaugh, Head Coach Jeff Dowling and Assistant Coaches Tom Howe and Geoff Conn, and some difficult selection decisions, the Irish national indoor team due to compete in the 2015 World Indoor Lacrosse Championships was selected.

Indoor lacrosse continues to go from strength to strength in Ireland, illustrated by a great tryout which saw more than 50 players compete for just 23 roster spots, and the team which has been selected includes players from throughout Ireland and amongst the Irish diaspora.

The WILC2015 is a tournament which provides a special opportunity to play “the Creator’s game” amidst the historical origins of lacrosse on the Onondaga Nation Arena in upstate New York.

2015 also marks the sixth year of operation of the National Indoor Lacrosse League (NILL) which takes place in Dublin over the winter months, and this year the league will be particularly competitive as players who took part in the recent tryout will be able to put their enhanced skills and knowledge of the game – thanks to national team coaching staff – to good use in league play.

For further information about Ireland Lacrosse, visit the organization’s website!