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Iron Man Gives Lacrosse Some Love

If you’re wondering what Cal Ripkin Jr. had a to say in last night’s keynote at the US Lacrosse National Convention, look no further. Matt DaSilva of the Lacrosse Magazine Online staff, recaps the whole speech on the LMO blog.

Here’s a quick look:

In between the requisite dose of inside baseball and personal clubhouse anecdotes, he drove home motivational messages that many of the over 5,000 lacrosse coaches and administrators expected this weekend could carry with them.

He talked about getting blasted by the media when he was slumping, and how pitcher Rick Sutcliffe “snapped me back into my approach” by telling Ripken he would put him in the only section of the newspaper he might not have appeared in if he decided to sit out a game – the obituaries.

It’s a good read. Thanks Matt! Click here for the full article.