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eric fennell lacrosse
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UPDATED: Is Eric Fannell The Next Mark Matthews?

Mark Matthews, playing attach for Denver, has been wowing people with his amazing one handed moves, sniper outside shots and ability to handle the ball under extreme pressure.  His tall frame makes him tough to cover and able to shield his stick with ease, and the stuff he does with a lacrosse wand is nothing short of magic.

So who is the next Mark Matthews?  Who will be the next Canadian star to wow us with his creativity and ability to do the impossible on a college lacrosse field?  Our money is on Eric Fannell, a grade 12 lacrosse player out of St. Catherine’s, Ontario.

eric fennell lacrosse
Eric Fennell (#5) could be a major college baller.

We haven’t heard a ton about this kid… until now.  But you can color us impressed!

Yeah, he did all of that.  Unreal lacrosse moves by an 18 year old kid.  Where is he going?  Wherever it is, they’re going to be happy!  We hear it might be Bellarmine.  Or not.  Seems very up in the air right now.  What we do know is that Eric is not committed yet, but has been approached by a number of D1 schools.

Fannell played for Team Ontario U16, which won the Canadian championship in 2011. He has been an all-star and led every league in scoring for about five years. He is currently playing Junior A box lacrosse in Ontario, but as a goalie, which we find extremely weird given his unbelievable stick skills.

Many thanks to Dalton Follows for the assist here, and we wish Eric the best of luck in finding the appropriate school!