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Is This Lacrosse Poll Serious? Week 1 2016

Week 1 of the 2016 D1 lacrosse poll season, which means that some of the teams out there have played games, as opposed to none of the teams.

It’s week 1 of the 2016 D1 larcosse poll season, which means that some of the teams out there have played games, as opposed to none of the teams having played, like it was for the preseason D1 lacrosse poll. This poll gives us Media Poll pollsters some ground to stand on, but not much! We do our best, and then second guess ourselves all week as the action unfolds for real. At least I’m second guessing myself. I can’t really speak for anyone else here!

Photo Credit: Craig Chase – see more HERE. And check out our EARLY D1 Season Thoughts HERE!

As I’m doing each week, I’m giving you MY poll votes, as I submit them to IL for the Media Poll, and then listing the IL poll vote in (parentheses). Any major discrepancies will be explained. Or, more accurately, I will try to explain them. Loving italics today.

Also, I like being transparent on who I’m voting for, so there’s that.

My Week 1 Media Lacrosse Poll Votes

  1. Syracuse (Notre Dame) – Crushed Siena, looked good all over the place. Could ND be #1? Sure!
  2. Notre Dame (Denver)- Not in action yet, couldn’t give them the #1, but plenty of other pollsters did. Totally fair. ND looks loaded.
  3. Maryland (Duke) – See above, but still jumped Denver. Inactivity paying off already for me. Duke at 3? Sure, but it might be a bit early for that.
  4. Denver (Maryland) – 10-9 win over Air Force and Cuse, MD & ND move up. It’s not science but it happened. The pollsters disagree with me here.
  5. Duke (Syracuse) – Two wins, and Duke looks just fine, but not all that deep. Why does everyone have Cuse so low? I mean 5 isn’t low, but you know what I mean.
  6. Johns Hopkins (Hopkins) – A scare from Navy, but I like Navy. Pollsters like Hopkins!
  7. UNC (UNC) – Winning two with ease is a good way to start off. We agree again. Yay.
  8. Navy (Loyola) – Like I said, I like Navy. Did I reward a close loss? Yes, yes I did. Good pick by the poll with Loyola, not a lot of love for Navy though. Did you watch them play?
  9. Loyola (Yale) – Could continue to climb. Depth and talent will do that for the Hounds.
  10. Brown (Brown) – No games yet… Spot on agreement with the poll though.
  11. Yale (Ohio State) – No games yet… OSU could be good, but 11 seems high.
  12. Albany (Albany) – No games yet… We agree. Boom.
  13. Georgetown (Virginia) – No games yet… I can see this either way.
  14. Virginia (Georgetown) – Big loss to Loyola, need to rebound quickly. Same as the above.
  15. Cornell (Cornell) – No games yet… but more agreement.
  16. Marquette (Navy) – No games yet… no one likes Marquette? Navy at 16? REALLY?!?!?!
  17. Stony Brook (Towson)- No games yet… but I like SBU.
  18. Ohio State (Harvard) – 2-0 but a scare from Furman Seems more realistic. Why Harvard though? What did Princeton do to the pollsters?
  19. Towson (Penn State) – D looks good so far. I like PSU pick. Solid.
  20. Princeton (Villanova) – No games yet. Villanova also solid. Maybe I should have picked them?

Very little has truly changed for me since the preseason poll two weeks ago, but we will see some important games come down the schedule soon, so stay tuned for upheaval and disagreement, and what promises to be one heck of a college season.

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