Andrew Goldstein
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Israel Lacrosse Clinic with Goalie Andrew Goldstein

As a sponsor of boys and girls lacrosse at the 2013 JCC Maccabi Games (in which my Team OC boys took silver!), Israel Lacrosse hosted a clinic in between games to expose people who had never seen lacrosse before to the sport. Maccabi athletes from other sports, including basketball, soccer and baseball, came out to throw around for their first times at the clinic.

Overall, there was a big mix of players and coaches from lacrosse and players and coaches from other sports, with the lacrosse-natives teaching the newbies some basics. Israel Lacrosse also brought in former Dartmouth and Long Island Lizards goalie Andrew Goldstein, who will be trying out for the Israeli Men’s National Team soon, so that everyone at the clinic could take some shots against a great keeper! Andrew took some rips from lacrosse players but also saved plenty of popcorn from guys playing lacrosse for the first time ever (like the guy in the pink tank in the video – A for effort from that guy!). All in the name of growing the game !

If you missed it, also check out this awesome homemade bamboo lacrosse shaft that I saw while coaching at the Games!