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How Does Israel Lacrosse Grow The Game?

As the World Indoor Lacrosse Championship 2015 moves even closer, we ask each nation exactly how they Grow The Game on home soil. These interviews reveal how each of the WILC nations work to not only grow the strengths of their national team, but how they are working to grow lacrosse throughout their country.

Stand up, Israel Lacrosse, it’s time we got a good look at ‘cha. Who else would we talk to other than founder and organizer Scott Neiss, the omniscient mind behind everything going on with lacrosse in The Holy Land!

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LAS: How would you describe the lacrosse scene and the growth of the game in Israel?

Neiss: The development of the sport in Israel has been tremendous since we got started in 2011. There’s nearly 800 kids playing lacrosse in Israel, but more so than the number, the passion these young athletes have for the game is off the charts.

These kids stay up late to watch pro and college games online, they post their own stick trick videos on Facebook, and they idolize the top North American players; they just love the game.

What are some steps that those of us outside of Israel can take to better understand the culture?

Israel lacrosse
Photo Credit: Larry Palumbo

To understand Israeli lax culture, you really need to visit Israel. Do it!

What steps are being taken to grow the game locally in Israel? Quick follow up, what are some of the long term goals for future growth?

One of the major campaigns to grow the game is to build the first modern box lacrosse arena in Israel.

More info:

Are there any opportunities for foreign volunteers to get involved with the growth of the game in Israel? If so, where can one find more information?

Israel vs England - 2014 World Lacrosse Championships

There’s opportunities for foreign volunteers of all ages to contribute to the development of the sport in Israel.

Check out the “Get Involved” pull down on our website at

What are the steps currently being taken in Israel to elevate the talent pool?

Our focus to elevate our talent pool is really through our youth programs.

israel lacrosse youth

We know that to build a passionate and committed lacrosse community in Israel, we need to start youth lacrosse.

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If your interested in growing the game in Israel, visit the Israel Lacrosse website for more information.